Five Benefits of a Gas-Powered Fireplace Insert

Whether you want to lower the costs of your oil-burning furnace or you're building a modern dream house that includes a fireplace in every room, installing a gas-powered fireplace insert is a great idea. Gas-powered heat has several advantages over oil, and gas-powered fireplaces have many, many advantages over traditional wood-burning fireplaces. Here are some of the benefits you can get from a gas-powered fireplace or insert.

1. Cheap and easy fuel

Yes, gas can be gotten for much less than oil on a regular basis. And when you compare it to the hassle of obtaining, storing, and using firewood, it has a clear advantage there as well—and not just in ease of use. For example, did you know that if you store your firewood near your house, you could be inviting termites to come live near your home? That's not a concern with oil fuel.

2. Clean, modern design

As far as esthetics go, a gas-burning fireplace can have several different looks, but they all tend to go well with a modern esthetic, although you can get some that go with a more traditional look if you prefer. This makes them more adaptable than a traditional fireplace.

3. Tax credits

You may even be able to file an energy-efficient gas fireplace as a tax credit. Check with your state government to see if you can get a credit for installing an efficient, Energy Star certified gas fireplace insert this year.

4. Energy efficiency

In addition to having cheaper fuel than an oil-burning furnace, your gas-burning fireplace can also burn that fuel quite efficiently. In fact, unlike a traditional fireplace, which will always be fighting to toss your hard-earned heat up the chimney (if you don't watch out, a traditional fireplace can actually have a negative effect on your heating!), it creates heat very efficiently and circulates it into your home as well. Some gas-burning fireplaces don't require a chimney at all (these are called ventless models).

5. Safety features

Unlike a wood fire, you can install a function that allows you to set your gas fire on a timer so that it will burn for a certain period of time and then switch off. This is especially handy if you want to fall asleep staring into the flames and not be kept up by the worry that they'll burn your house around your ears the minute you nod off. This and other safety features make gas-burning fireplaces a clear winner over a traditional fire.

These benefits show that a gas-burning fireplace can be superior to not only an oil-burning furnace but also a traditional fireplace that burns messy logs and has to be cleaned out after each use. Learn more by contacting services like Taylor Gas Company Inc.