3 Reasons Why You Should Use Biological Solutions to Keep Your Grease Trap Clean

Many restaurant and industrial settings rely on grease traps to prevent harmful grease from flowing into plumbing pipes where it can congeal and create clogs. Cleaning these grease traps regularly is essential when it comes to ensuring that they function properly, but relying on harsh chemicals to free trapped grease can be toxic for the environment. If you are looking for an eco-friendly way to help control the buildup of grease within your company's grease trap, then you might want to consider a biological solution.

Here are three ways that the systematic use of a biological solution can benefit your company in the future.

1. A biological solution can be handled safely.

Unlike cleaning solutions that contain harsh chemicals, there is little risk to employees who handle biological cleaning solutions. These types of solutions are liquids that contain microorganisms proven to thrive on the degradation of fats and grease.

The microorganisms in a biological cleaning agent pose no risk to the body when exposed to contact, meaning that employees can handle this cleaning solution without fear of suffering from any side effects like burns or rashes.

2. A biological solution won't harm delicate plumbing fixtures.

The harsh chemicals that are found in many cleaning solutions designed to get rid of grease have corrosive properties. Although they may be effective at removing grease from your company's grease traps in the short-run, repeated exposure could cause the delicate metal used in your plumbing system to begin showing signs of corrosion.

This corrosion has the potential to not only render your plumbing fixtures structurally unstable, but it can cause your company's water supply to become contaminated as well. Biological cleaning solutions do not have a harmful effect on metal, making them safe for prolonged use.

3. A biological solution can extend the amount of time between professional services.

Maintaining the quality of your company's grease trap requires regular cleaning by a professional. These cleanings can add to your overhead expenses, reducing profitability and production.

By using a biological cleaning solution on your grease traps regularly, you can extend the amount of time between each professional cleaning. This reduces costs and eliminates production down-time.

When you understand the benefits that using an eco-friendly grease removal product like a biological cleaning solution can provide, it's easy to see why you should make the switch to a biological cleaning product to keep your company's grease traps in working order. To learn more, contact companies like Tierra Environmental & Industrial Services.