Protecting Your Trash From Animal And Insect Invasions

If you use a dumpster on your business property as a convenience in trash removal, taking steps to keep the garbage contained is important as wildlife or pests will most likely try to make their way into the enclosure. This could lead to garbage being strewn around your building in addition to excessive odor due to broken trash bags. Here are some tips you can use to ensure the trash you put into your dumpster remains in place until the service picks it up.

Keep Lids Secure To Minimize Break-Ins

If you or your employees fail to put the lid down after placing trash in the dumpster, it will be an attraction to all sorts of creatures as the smell of items inside will be emitted into the surrounding area. Make sure to make it a policy to put the lid down after each deposit. Place bricks along each corner of the dumpster's closed lid to help keep animals from prying it open to get inside. If larger animals like bears or raccoons are known to frequent the area, purchase a heavy-duty chain and wrap it around the container before using a padlock to keep it in place.

Mask Odor To Keep The Attractiveness Minimal

If garbage is smelled easily, animals and insects will be more likely to try to get into the dumpster. To help reduce the amount of odor coming out of the dumpster, double-bag each batch of trash so it is not as easy to smell. Spraying garbage bags with vinegar can help deter animals from wishing to get too close to the trash as many find this odor offensive. Purchase a deodorizing powder and sprinkle it directly into a newly delivered empty dumpster to keep odor away from the get-go. Make sure the dumpster is kept in a shaded area as heat from beating down sun can amplify the odors inside the enclosure.

Deter Animals From Wanting To Get Too Close

If rodents are a problem, using hawk or owl decoy statues can be helpful in keeping them away from your dumpster. Set a fake bird on top of the dumpster or in a nearby bush or tree. Move it around every few days so mice and rats do not get used to its position. They will be less likely to go into the area as they will think a predator is waiting for them. Larger animals can be scared away with loud sounds. Place wind chimes in a tree near the dumpster to scare creatures away. Using motion detection lighting can also be helpful in keeping your trash contained.